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Your eLearning Journey with Lava.

At Lava, we understand that developing impactful eLearning solutions requires a meticulous and thorough approach. Here’s how we guide you through each essential step, ensuring your training program is not just a course, but a transformative learning experience.


In-Depth Research and Analysis

Before we draft a single learning objective, we immerse ourselves in your world to understand your unique learning context. This involves in-depth research to understand your industry, organizational culture, and specific training needs.


Developing Your Learner Profile

We don’t just create courses; we create experiences tailored to your audience. By developing detailed learner profiles, we ensure that the content resonates with and is relevant to your learners, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.



Collaborative Content Strategy

Your expertise combined with ours creates a powerful synergy. We work closely with your SMEs to ensure the content is not only accurate but also aligned with your organizational goals and learner needs.



Innovative Design and Development

Working with cutting-edge principles of multimedia instruction, UDL, and visual design, we create courses that are not just educational but also engaging and accessible to all types of learners. Incorporating interactive and immersive technologies, from interactive multimedia to VR/AR experiences, we use the latest technologies to create a dynamic learning environment.


Dynamic Delivery and Implementation

We design virtual learning environments and produce educational videos that captivate and educate, ensuring high learner engagement and retention. Optional AI-Enhanced Personalization offers adaptive learning paths, providing a personalized learning experience for each individual.


Strategic Rollout and Integration

We deliver seamless integration with your systems. Our rollout strategies focus on ensuring that the eLearning solutions integrate smoothly with your existing platforms, emphasizing user accessibility and engagement.



Comprehensive Evaluation and Iteration

Measuring success and continual improvement is key. Through learning analytics, UX evaluations, and feedback mechanisms, we continually assess the effectiveness of the courses and make data-driven improvements.


Let’s talk about you.

– Initial Consultation: Share your vision and challenges with us.
– Tailored Strategy Development: We create a strategy that addresses your specific needs.
– Development and Implementation: Experience the creation process and watch your vision come to life.
– Ongoing Support and Evolution: We stay with you post-launch, ensuring continual improvement and success.



At Lava, we’re committed to crafting eLearning solutions that are as unique as your learners. Let’s work together to create an educational journey that inspires, engages, and transforms. Contact us to begin shaping your eLearning future today.



We’re a media hub focused on eLearning, Instructional Design, music, audio/video, and 3D design. We’re based in London but working all over the world.

Working with us at Lava is an experience where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect – our Ikigai. We craft experiences tailored to enlighten and engage. You’re not just choosing a service; you’re embracing a partnership that thrives on the joy of creating meaningful, impactful experiences. It’s where your vision and our expertise meet to create something truly exceptional that feels as rewarding as it is enlightening.

Paula Daunt

Paula Daunt, Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer.


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